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Unprecedented disruption to the world economy has left many companies in need of capital or professional advice. For advisors and investors, finding those opportunities can be hard, but WSJ Pro Bankruptcy can help in the following ways:

  1. An affordable, one-stop-shop resource for bankruptcy and distress
  2. In-depth news and analysis on bankruptcy cases and emerging distress by a specialist team of journalists
  3. New! Key details from court filings, accessible within stories, saving time and cost
  4. New! A package of data–including loan and bond prices–to find distressed opportunities

Data & Interactives

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Important details on advisors, capital structure and key filings, all within the news article

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Daily bond prices, loan prices and credit ratings on a single page

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A customizable distressed company screener you can use to create your own list

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An easy-to-use searchable archive of stories for researching companies and cases

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A weekly list of Chapter 11 filings to keep track of all cases, large and small

Newsletters & Alerts

WSJ Pro Bankruptcy news, reporting power and analytical insight are brought to members through a morning newsletter, supported by news alerts throughout the day.

  1. Exclusive news stories
  2. Analysis and commentary
  3. Real-time alerts
  4. Indexes of companies and investment firms
  5. Upcoming events

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